WWE vs. AEW And The State Of Women’s Wrestling

Image result for riho womens championNOTE: This was something I wrote last October, so it’s slightly out of date. But because it was more or less finished I thought I would post it.

A year after my WWE Evolution piece, the long-term shape of the ‘Women’s Evolution’ has become clear. The departure of Ronda Rousey and the rise of rival company All Elite Wrestling has led us down an interesting path, and it’s had its share of ups and downs. All things considered, it’s safe to say that women’s wrestling has established itself not only as legitimate but necessary. The days of “divas” and butterfly belts are long gone. But there’s still room to grow, and the path for that change unfortunately isn’t clear.

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WWE Evolution And The State Of Women’s Wrestling

2018-10-29 (2).pngBack in January I did a post about the first ever women’s royal rumble match. I was worried that the push for better women’s wrestling was only about profit but I was mostly positive. Women actually getting to wrestle is a good thing. And now we have WWE Evolution, the company’s first ever pay per view dedicated to women’s wrestling. So has the state of women’s wrestling improved?


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Let’s Talk About Fandom


Rick & Morty has been all the buzz lately. And that’s great because it truly deserves it, it’s an intricate and funny and moving series. Its third season has been its most profound yet, giving genuine introspection into the character of Rick Sanchez and how toxic and destructive a human being he truly is. But that’s not what my social media feeds have been interested in. They’ve been talking about the fandom, the would-be real life Ricks who find themselves in almost every online community spewing indulgent nihilistic hatred on everything they touch.

Some friends have even expressed being turned off the series by this, which just really sucks. On one hand I can’t blame them but on the other it’s really just not fair. It’s not fair that people find themselves unwilling to have new media experiences because of hostile fan culture, and it’s not fair on the creators of earnest good works that they need to be accountable for crappy people. So what should you do if something you want to get into has a rubbish fanbase?

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Bristle’s Babbles #13 – /wooo/terion Collection Week 2: Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (NWA/WCW Chi-Town Rumble 1989)

NOTE: Old post.

Another brilliant match from the /wooo/terion collection. This was a match I believed could end at any moment just as likely as it could have reached the 1 hour time limit. Both Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat came off as being so clever in the ring that you believe that they could.

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Bristle’s Babbles #12 – /wooo/terion Collection Week 1: John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship (WWE Money in the Bank 2011)

NOTE: Old post. A little brief and colloqiual as most of this wasn’t written with the intention of a full-blown analysis.!642-john-cena-vs-cm-punk-2011

Every time John Cena wrestles a good match people always say “Cena got carried” as an excuse so they can say the match is good while also backhandedly insulting Cena’s ability, but that’s a load of shit. At Money in the Bank 2011, Cena carried his match just as much as Punk did. If Cena used a better variety of technical moves and powerhouse moves to expand his offense like in this match rather than goofy dropkicks and hurricanranas then no one would ever be able to logically say he can’t wrestle, because both guys put on just as amazing a performance as the other. The psychology, the slow buildup of tension as it went from side headlocks to signatures, the absolutely amazing Chicago crowd who were fucking in to every last second making it feel just that much more amazing. It just all clicked perfectly.

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