Bristles Babbles #22: The Simpsons Season 1 Review (1989-1990) (SPOILERS)


To say that The Simpsons needs no introduction is an overwhelming understatement. The Simpsons are such a massive cultural icon, even with the not so great state of its current product, that you take it for granted. It only occurred to me a couple months ago that I had watched so many Simpsons reruns since the age of 4 or 5 that I probably┬árecognise every last episode from the first dozen seasons. Since recently rewatching the brilliant ‘Homer’s Enemy’ from Season 8 (you know, the Frank Grimes episode) and since seeing Foldable Human’s fantastic video on the progression of Homer Simpson as a character, I’ve started to put the value of The Simpsons’ fantastic earlier seasons into perspective, and what better way to start than by going back to the very beginning.

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