Bristles Babbles #24: Big Hero 6 Review (2014) (SPOILERS)

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I’ve been to the cinemas twice now to go see ‘Big Hero 6’. It certainly pales in comparison to the aforementioned 11 times I saw ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ in cinemas as I mentioned in my last post,¬†and doesn’t quite measure up to the 3 times I saw ‘Frozen’, but it’s a good sign for any movie when I’m willing to see it more than once. Right off the bat I’ll say that it wasn’t as compelling for me as either of Disney’s previous animated releases. I don’t hesitate when I say that it’s a great movie though. Big Hero 6, in a lot of ways, is more a product of this current age of western animation than any major Disney releases these past few years, however in some ways it turns out not to be quite the product of the current age that it perhaps intends to be.

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