Barakamon Review (2014)

barakamon 10NOTE: This is a rewrite of something I did many years ago.

Barakamon is an easily endearing show. It’s a series brimming with warmth and passion, one that even people who don’t watch anime could easily get drawn into. It’s easy to gush over stories like these as a creator of any kind. One that connects with how many of us feel, brimming with self-doubt and constantly trying to get in touch with why we do what we do. Barakamon doesn’t always nail the full extent of these ideas, but it’s an immensely charming work that makes some wonderful statements.

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Barakamon Funcurve Review


Sorry I didn’t put a link here sooner. When this got published I didn’t have internet at home, and it was too much of a hassle to put this together on mobile. This is a bit of a wordy review, the longest I’ve ever done because I essentially went through the series episode by episode. Despite that, I said all I needed to say about Barakamon and I’m pretty proud of it. It’s a lovely series with plenty of nice ideas that I enjoyed talking about. Expect my Sword Art Online II review to also be published in the next couple weeks!

You can find the Barakamon review here on Funcurve.

Barakamon Episode 1 Review (Full Series Review Excerpt)

[Underwater] Barakamon - 01 (720p) [CBC45C87].mkv_snapshot_03.19_[2015.06.07_12.38.58]

So, I’m writing for this new site called Funcurve now! Basically it’s a website where reviews are structured by a chart of our impressions of the series over time, which is a pretty neat system. Plus, we’re given free rein over the way we work with that chart. I’ve been asked to review Barakamon, which is great because Barakamon is a wonderful series that I’m super happy to rewatch and write about. Expect a full review in the next month or so. For now, I’ve got an excerpt from my first draft of the review. I decided I’d start by doing the first episode individually, because I feel it’s a really great first episode that stands on its own. You can find it below. Enjoy!

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