Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade (2015) Review


Little Witch Academia: Enchanted Parade, even more so than its predecessor, embodies the sheer fundamental joy of animation. The sincere joy of seeing images come alive, images bound only by the limits of imagination coming into motion. Enchanted Parade is sometimes breezy and whimsical, sometimes awesome, sometimes funny, sometimes intense. But through genuine mastery it makes all those moods look like second nature. It’s Little Witch Academia‘s ongoing love letter to the traditions of animation and so much more.

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Quick Reviews – Little Witch Academia

I watched the original Little Witch Academia short way back when it was all the rage and I got plenty out of it. I thought it was cute and fun and engaging, a sign that Studio Trigger was a force to be reckoned with in the industry. But it’s only rewatching it now that I appreciate its craft. It’s an absolute pleasure of a work that almost anyone can find something to appreciate in, and it’s full of all sorts of little details that make that possible.

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Bristles Babbles # 23: Feast Review (2014) (SPOILERS)


As you would know if you’ve been to see a Disney animated feature in cinemas recently you always get a charming little short before the actual movie starts. They’re often insubstantial, but they’re always feel good experiences. ‘Big Hero 6’ is no different, presenting you with a short simply titled ‘Feast’. Of the Disney shorts I’ve seen, including most recently the 11 times I saw ‘Paperman’ the 11 times I saw ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ in cinemas (at least 6 of which were regrettable purely because of all the money I spent on the movie, on cinema food and on my wonderful Vanellope plush that I won after numerous tries at the cinema’s claw machine) and ‘Get A Horse’ from before ‘Frozen’, Feast would have to be my absolute favourite.

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