Quick Reviews – Little Witch Academia

I watched the original Little Witch Academia short way back when it was all the rage and I got plenty out of it. I thought it was cute and fun and engaging, a sign that Studio Trigger was a force to be reckoned with in the industry. But it’s only rewatching it now that I appreciate its craft. It’s an absolute pleasure of a work that almost anyone can find something to appreciate in, and it’s full of all sorts of little details that make that possible.

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Bristles Babbles # 23: Feast Review (2014) (SPOILERS)


As you would know if you’ve been to see a Disney animated feature in cinemas recently you always get a charming little short before the actual movie starts. They’re often insubstantial, but they’re always feel good experiences. ‘Big Hero 6’ is no different, presenting you with a short simply titled ‘Feast’. Of the Disney shorts I’ve seen, including most recently the 11 times I saw ‘Paperman’ the 11 times I saw ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ in cinemas (at least 6 of which were regrettable purely because of all the money I spent on the movie, on cinema food and on my wonderful Vanellope plush that I won after numerous tries at the cinema’s claw machine) and ‘Get A Horse’ from before ‘Frozen’, Feast would have to be my absolute favourite.

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