The Brony Fandom and Media Criticism


Criticism is one of the best means by which someone can intellectually engage with the media they consume. Whether it be towards literature, paintings, music, video games, TV or film, critique can strengthen your relationship with media by allowing you to understand how it communicates with you from its ideas to its themes to its presentation to its emotional resonance among other aspects. At this point in my life it’s one of my greatest passions, and yet one of the most toxic damaging things within the My Little Pony fandom. There seems to be a broad collective issue within the Brony fandom regarding how people critically engage with it. After a recent video by Tommy Oliver wherein he discussed how criticism has, in its own way, made the fandom overwhelmingly jaded and divided and a recent post on EQD about Digibro’s channel being taken down filled with malicious comments towards him for looking deeper into the series (e.g. use of the dreaded term “pretentious”), among other smaller incidents and personal experiences, I decided this was a topic I wanted to touch on.

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Bristle’s Babbles #21: What’s The Deal With Scores?

zero out of ten

If you’re on MAL or Hummingbird or AniList frequently, chances are you’re pretty accustomed to ratings, particularly scores out of 5 or 10 or 100. I rate most of my Anime and so do most frequent users of those sites, but just how much meaning do those scores really have? I would honestly have to say not much. Scoring is always based on arbitrary personal standards, no one person rates the same and no personal way of rating has any legitimate inherent value. Does a 10/10 mean an Anime is perfect in your opinion or that it’s simply a favourite of yours? Does a 5/10 mean you thought a series was average or does a 7/10 mean you thought a series was average? There’s just so many different meanings each score can take. Continue reading “Bristle’s Babbles #21: What’s The Deal With Scores?”