Bristle’s Babbles #14 – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) (VERY MILD SPOILERS)

NOTE: Old post, a little brief.

When I see a good movie I walk out feeling mentally, and even somewhat physically, revitalised. I sat in one of the very front rows of Reading’s Titan cinema for Marvel’s new Guardians of the Galaxy, and it gave me just that feeling.

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Bristle’s Babbles #10 – ‘Defending Madoka Magica’

NOTE: NOTE: Old post, sorta rambly. Also, some opinions expressed are different to my perspective as of now.

As film critic Gene Siskel once said, “There is a point when a personal opinion shades off into an error of fact.”. That is to say, while there’s an emphasis on subjectivity in critique, you have to draw a line and realise that certain things are pure fact. That’s something I strongly believe, and it’s inspired me to discuss things in relation to that. What I’ll be doing right now is looking at Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a series that has become a fairly big deal. Though it is largely pretty well received, its popularity leads to it becoming divisive with some crowds. I’m not saying you’re wrong for disliking Madoka Magica, but what I am here to argue is that certain criticisms I’ve heard people give the series fall into what I deem “errors of fact”, criticisms that I believe are just flat out wrong.

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Bristle’s Babbles #6 – ‘Harsh Criticism Is Not Inherently Good Criticism’

NOTE: Old post, sorta rambly.

One thing that’s bothered me for a long time is that a lot of people who aren’t experienced as critics but want to have a sense of a critical voice will often see it as being more important to understand flaws than it is to understand quality. Worse still is when the person gets so wrapped up in that mindset that they lose any passion they had and get so nitpicky that they pick up ten shows every season just to drop eight of them at 1-3 episodes and give ultra low scores with haphazard reasoning. It becomes less a matter of the person being able to understand the value of something and more a matter of strict evaluation which often has double standards. It’s plain bad critique that at most barely has more value than rating everything highly out of nothing more than enjoyment, but it’s worse than simply liking everything because there’s less enjoyment to be had out of the experience.

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Bristle’s Babbles #4 – ‘Be Relative; Not General’

NOTE: Old post, sorta rambly. Also, this was previously intended for and posted on the forums of

I’ve decided I’m going to give a few tips regarding critical analysis here because what I see is fairly imbalanced and cynical. There’s a few people besides myself who give ideas regarding analysis here on the forums, but as an aspiring critic I see a lot of it and it bugs me because there’s too many people encouraging negative attitudes. I want to help people to be thoughtful in a positive way, to really get the most out of what they watch.

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Bristle’s Babbles #1 – Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion (2013) (SPOILERS)

NOTE: This is an old review and my thoughts have changed somewhat. May revisit after a rewatch.
As many reading this may already know, back in 2011 when it aired Madoka Magica became a pretty big deal, and it continues to grow and draw in Anime viewers both casual and experienced. It’s easily one of the most influential things to come out of Anime in the 21st century. However, with influence things tend to also get backlash, often to some extent irrational and arbitrary backlash that’s more gripes with a rabid fanbase than the substance of the product.
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